Sanjeevani Chandak


I’m not an avid user of it but I love watching all sorts of content on YouTube. Here are some of my fav videos or fav channels!

Headspace animations are not only beautiful but also make perfect sense!

I started learning ASL only because of this fantastic teacher, Dr Bill, who has thousands of detailed & systematic videos oh his channel!

Berklee Indian Ensemble’s videos have always been v pleasing to my ears. Especially this one!

I love watching Ice Skating videos and they^ are my favvv pair and this is my fav channel / IG account to watch such videos on!


heartwarming and heart-wrenching

His shows always have an element of cold hard truth in it & so does his Ted Talk!

top notch knowledge!

Had come across this video months ago on IG which threw me into the fun world of West Coast Swing competitions. Such a chill vibe & they all move like butter! JordanF has amazing comic timing (more videos below) and EmilyR’s moves are 😍

 “It doesn’t matter who we are, what we look like or what we think we can or cannot do. We just have to show up and do it!” I’ve never tried doing anything for 365 days straight and gentle, reaffirming videos such as this make me want to try harder!

 Line of duty is one of my fav crime shows and this spoof is so good! Spoiler alert- this has the entire storyline of the finale. Do not watch if you haven’t seen the show!

I mean.. look at that!