Sanjeevani Chandak

The self care club

Join us on a journey of relaxation, wellness, and self-discovery. Unwind, breathe, and embrace a healthier, happier you.



Discover calm in chaos through simple meditation practices, proven to lower stress levels and boost mental clarity.


Unwind your thoughts, clarify emotions, and enhance cognitive processing for better mental well-being.

Breathwork / Pranayama

Learn easy breathing exercises - scientifically proven to activate the body's relaxation response.

Yoga Stretches in Bed

Unwind physically and mentally with gentle yoga stretches in the comfort of your bed, promoting better sleep.

Health / Fitness Discussions

Essential insights into practical health tips, guiding you toward informed lifestyle choices

Philosophy Discussions

Delve into profound discussions based on Yoga Sutras & other texts, exploring timeless wisdom & its application to modern-day living.

Join the club

  • Interactive sessions tailored to group dynamics.
  • 6th May ’24 onwards
  • Mondays & Thursdays
  • 10 pm to 10:30 pm IST
  • 8 sessions in a month
  • Rs 1599 per month
  • 1-1 customised sessions to fit your schedule & preferences.
  • 6th May ’24 onwards
  • Days & timings are mutually decided
  • 8 – 12 sessions in a month
  • Rs 599 per session

Scientific benefits of Meditation

Stress reduction

Meditation lowers stress hormones, promoting better sleep, and enhancing mental clarity.

Improved sleep

Sleep disturbances affect overall health. Meditation promotes restful sleep by improving sleep quality.

Anxiety Management

It is an accessible tool to regain equilibrium by calming fight-or-flight responses & promoting balance.

Emotional regulation

Meditation cultivates emotional balance by enhancing emotional resilience and reducing reactivity.

Enhanced focus

Meditation & Breathwork sharpens mental acuity by improving concentration and mental clarity.

Increased Energy

Meditation & Breathwork empowers vitality by optimizing lung function, enhancing energy levels.


Most frequent questions and answers

No special requirements! Just a quiet space, a comfortable seat (you can be in bed), and a device with internet access to join our sessions.

Absolutely! Our sessions are designed for beginners, with easy-to-follow instructions to make everyone feel comfortable.

Sessions are twice a week, and no prior experience is required. Our practices are suitable for all levels, making it accessible and inclusive.

We offer a holistic approach, combining meditation, breathwork, discussions, and more for a comprehensive well-being experience tailored to today’s lifestyle.

While not mandatory, journaling offers a valuable outlet for processing thoughts, emotions, and promoting mental clarity for enhanced well-being.

Absolutely! While discussions include a chat feature for those who enjoy interacting, you’re welcome to simply listen in and be in your comfort zone during sessions.

You can join our sessions through Zoom.

We understand life can get busy! While we don’t provide session recordings or make-up options, the self-care journey is personal, and we encourage you to join when you can.