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Hey, I’m Sanjeevani, a health & wellness coach and I’m glad to have you here. If you’re looking to make positive changes in life and want a deeper connection with yourself you’re in the right place! 

Yoga has had a profound impact in my life & therefore my aim is to make others experience how beautiful the practice can be not only for your body, but also your mind. I’ve taught over 1300+ hrs of yoga to so many amazing individuals and I can’t wait to connect with many more.

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April 2024

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June '24 onwards

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June '24 onwards

Yoga doesn’t look or feel the same for everyone. It’s not about flexibility or being able to contort our body into different shapes. It’s all about getting in tune with who we are and what we feel deep within.

Private Sessions

One on One Yoga sessions on Zoom / in person

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Beginners & Intermediate Yoga Group sessions on Zoom.


Tutorials & Recordings of online sessions to practice at home.


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Two things that used to cross my mind when I used to think of Yoga 5 months ago- meant for elderly and not very intense. Sanjeevani's classes completely changed both these notions for me. Now, Yoga for me is a wonderful day starter not just for my body but for my mind as well.

Sanjeevani makes the classes fun and exciting by doing different flows everyday. She ensures that the size of her batches are limited so that she can correct everyone's postures. She will give you access to insightful videos/ articles which you can use to further improve your fitness level. So if you are in your 20s/ 30s and want improve your fitness level- join! If you want to start your day by seeing happy faces, trying hard to achieve their goals- join! If watching pre recorded yoga videos online is not being helpful for you - definitely join!
Shiv B
My life has taken a different turn in the past months with the yoga classes. I never felt the stretch while doing the asanas and there existed a lot of misconceptions around each asana. Sanjeevani cleared them. She made me feel that eventually I can do it. And yes! Her belief made me so confident and I improved so much from Day 1. My mornings are rejuvenated with her classes & I have started getting my periods regularly.

Sanjeevani is so kind, full of compassion and explains each movement in detail. She gives so much respect to me. Her classes can be light to intense. But she always advises us to go slow and take it easy and lightly. I had started yoga lot of times before but didn't continue, but this time I am not looking back. Guru plays a very important role in our lives and I am so grateful to her. Her classes are something I look forward to and she is my Sanjeevani Booti! :)
Sarmista B
It has been just few months since I started and I am already seeing improvement in my balance, flexibility and resistance. Yoga has been progressively taught by Sanjeevani in a gentle and calming way. She also includes meditation in the session which helps a lot in improving in overall health of the body. Even on days when I might be feeling a bit sick, I still love to do her session and that actually helps me recover quickly. I feel I can understand my mind and body more.

I feel amazed on how quickly I could progress on the different poses because of Sanjeevani's way of teaching them. Her constant motivation and support gives me the strength to try the difficult poses. I feel blessed to have her as my yoga teacher.
Subarna R
I have joined yoga class before also but for me you are the best yoga teacher coz u point out our mistakes n teach us the correct postures...I eagerly wait for your class because it motivates me to start my day with positive energy... I don’t get bored in your classes coz there is a lot of variation and everyday is filled with new enthusiasm.

Lucky to be part of your yoga class coz it has given a different meaning to my fitness..your yoga videos help us continue our classes on off days also...Thank u Sanjeevani 🙏
Rashmi A
The overall experience has been extremely blissful. The pedagogy is excellent. The audio video functions v well.Your knowledge about different asanas with focus on right posture makes it easy for me to understand and implement.

Breathing exercises at beginning and meditation at the end with high impact Yoga in middle makes the whole experience wonderful. Overall, it’s a very amazing experience and keep it up. Spreading health and wellness around is the best service one can do in today’s troubled times. Well Done!!!
Dinesh R
I would like to start by saying that these sessions make me sooo happy and free. I was a person full of anxiety. I can safely use the word ‘was’ coz thankfully the year that passed by taught me so much and yoga with Sanjeevani was one of my recourses to feel better and lead a happy, healthy life again. While the world was in distress with covid, I was too and I saw this free 3-day trial yoga online. I participated and couldn’t help but register to her monthly online classes which have turned out to be such great fun.

Not only does it help me become much more fit, healthy and strong with the "10 seconds" plank to headstands (yay), but also helps me with my anxiety issues with deep breathing and meditation. All in all, I am immensely grateful and I would invite everyone to try it once. Coz the things we spend on may give us happiness temporarily, but self investment is permanent.
Nidhi G
This is my first time doing proper yoga sessions, and it's quite amazing. I had gained a lot of weight and therefore there were a lot of issues in my menstrual cycle, but after 2 weeks of yoga the period cycle continued in a proper 7 day routine.

Also I feel really energized after the sessions. Looking forward to continue attending many more workshops.
Disha A
I began learning yoga from Sanjeevani from October 2021 and it's been an amazing 6 months! She's a wonderful human and mentor who has helped me understand how the body can work and has always pushed to expand my limits by helping me get rid of mental blocks which can sometimes project onto my physical abilities. She caters the classes according to our needs and also makes them challenging at the same time. It's a fruitful and rewarding experience.

If you're looking to learn yoga, and want to begin enjoying to work out please begin learning with Sanjeevani. Her method of explaining poses are clear and precise. I find it easy to follow her instructions and this has helped me understand how each body part works. Looking forward to more classes and learning something new each time! :)
Varsha A
I never thought I would ever incline towards yoga.. I always thought its boring and slow. But due to whole pandemic situation I got lucky that I discovered YOGA and myself through it.

And I think nobody could have done this better but Sanjeevani. She is understanding and tries her best to make every class something different from another one. Her sessions are like an hour of escape for me. Its super fun, relaxing and challenging at the same time!
Priyanshi L.
I’ve loved the yoga classes with Sanjeevani. Have always been apprehensive of online classes but they way she explains and breaks each aasana down, and ensures that you’re in the right posture, is extremely comforting.
The classes are very engaging and over the last 3 months I’ve seen improvement in both - my form and my motivation to work out. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful experience, looking forward to many more classes.
Nehal G.
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