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Having the right accessories makes the yoga practice smoother & deeper! Every body is different therefore the props can be used in a myriad of ways. For example – backbends aren’t very tough for me, so I don’t use props there, but the muscles of my legs are tight so using a belt or a block is helpful for me. Some may use it because of stiff shoulders, some because they have weak legs and some because of tightness in hips. It varies from person to person depending on the body type and flexibility level. Here are some recommendations on where you can purchase these accessories (none of this is sponsored or an ad). 

Post created on: 8/3/22


A good mat is very essential for a comfortable yoga practice. If you’re a regular practitioner, buying a well-padded and sturdy mat is a great investment. Mine are from Kosha Yoga.

  • The blue mat was purchased 1.5 yrs ago from the Microfibre line
  • The green mat was bought 1 year ago from the Pure Align line

These mats do not slip, provide good padding for the knees (esp the green one) & are a bit heavy. I prefer the blue Microfibre mat, especially when I’m teaching. The green Pure Align makes a little noise when I do fast movements, maybe because I haven’t worn out the yoga mat yet. I don’t want the mic to pick up those sounds while teaching a class. However, any asana where elbows are to be kept on the mat is easier on the green Pure Align because it’s smoother. I know that Kosha mats are a tad expensive & its not important to spend a lot of money on this if you don’t want to. There are less expensive alternatives out there & we should buy what suits our budget and needs. You can also check out Shakti / Spiritual Warrior cork mats. Haven’t used these personally but I’ve heard some good reviews (I don’t like the feel of that material on my hands so I will not be purchasing these anytime soon).


A yoga belt is extremely useful when you’re looking to increase your range of motion. It is especially helpful if you have tight shoulders and hamstrings & it makes a lot of complex asanas quite accessible. A good yoga belt should be sturdy & at least 8 feet long. If you’re quite tall, you may need a longer belt. I have had my yoga belt since 2016 and it was physical purchase & I don’t know if I can get that particular one online. However, there are so many other options available on Amazon etc. Here are two that you can check out (do read their return policy just in case):


A yoga block can either give you more support, increase the intensity level or make an asana more accessible depending on how you use it. I currently have one pair of wooden blocks purchased years ago (the firmness helps when we don’t want our hands digging into the block but it also causes pain in certain poses) and one pair of Decathlon foam blocks (which can be a bit unstable at times). If you don’t wanna spend too much on these and would use them sparingly, then go for foam blocks. If you want to use them extensively, maybe go for something sturdier! Also, I would suggesting buying 2 blocks.

You can check our these options ( do check if they’re selling it in a set or individually)

Amazon (reviews seem good but can’t be too sure):