Sanjeevani Chandak

Headstand Workshop


The upside-down world is waiting for you!

I know it can be scary! Once upon a time it was for me too. The trick is simple – slowly getting over the fear of inversions and knowing the right technique to get into the asana.

That’s where I come in! I have developed a certain love for this asana and many-a-variations that can be done in it and I would love to share with you all that I know about it!

I’ll be teaching two different workshops online: 

  • Headstands with wall support
  • Independent Headstands
The first one is where you, as a newbie, will learn the basics of going into a headstand while using the wall for support.In the latter, you learn how to slowly move away from the wall and hold your own in the asana.

Depending on where you are in your practice, you can choose which workshop you’ll be attending.

About the workshop

Online Wall-Supported Headstands:

In this workshop you will learn preparatory poses, drills and proper alignment techniques that are required for a stable and injury-free headstand. It is suitable for both a beginner or seasoned yogi who want to master this asana. Having the support of the wall will enable you to focus more on engaging the right muscles that will ultimately lead to you being able to do independent headstands in the future. 

Expect this to be an absolutely fun and challenging workshop where there will be lots of falls & laughter. A safe and comforting environment is important to be able to to let go of the inversion fear and that’s what I promise to provide!

After you’ve filled the form, I’ll review it and let you know whether or not you’re eligible for this workshop currently. Some sort of regular workout routine is important if you want to attempt headstands. 



Upcoming Sessions:

16th to 18th July ’21 : Online Wall – Supported Headstand Workshop

  • Timings to be decided (Friday :Evening & Sat / Sun: Morning)
  • One hour sessions on Zoom 
  • Batch size: 8
  • Please fill the form to register for the same.
  • You’ll be contacted shortly after with more details.