Sanjeevani Chandak

Why online yoga classes are a brilliant idea?

Embracing the digital mat

In the past few years, we’ve all navigated through a sea of change, finding our bearings in a world that suddenly shifted online. The pandemic nudged us into a digital embrace, transforming everything from classrooms to offices to learning so many things online. Amidst this, the yoga community has also found its rhythm in the virtual world.

The rise of online yoga and meditation sessions has made life easy for everyone around the globe. It not only offered a sense of community & connection during the pandemic, but also continues to break down the barrier of time and space, connecting the entire yoga world together.

These online yoga classes have opened up a universe of choices right at our fingertips, inviting us to roll out our mats in our rooms find the right style of yoga and the right yoga instructor for us from a different part of the country or continent.

Convenience / Time-Saving

Imagine starting your yoga journey or continuing your regular practice not by rushing through traffic but by simply stepping into your serene corner at home.Gone are the days of juggling schedules to accommodate a studio session, sometimes not even being able to make it because of how hectic life can be. Now, whether it’s a break between meetings or a quiet morning moment, yoga is just a click away. This convenience saves so much time, allowing us to show up for our mind and body regularly, without the process feeling like a daunting checklist of tasks.

A World of Yoga at Your Fingertips:

 Finding the perfect yoga class is akin to finding that perfect pair of shoes—comfortable, supportive, and just the right fit for you. Online yoga classes offer a diverse array of styles and teachers from around the globe. With just a few clicks, you can explore different traditions, techniques, and philosophies, enriching your practice in ways that may not be accessible locally. From Hatha & Vinyasa to Yin or Kundalini, you can embark on a global yoga adventure from your living room. The choice is yours, and the options are limitless.

Personal attention from instructors

In a traditional studio setting, it can sometimes be challenging for yoga instructors to give individualised guidance to every student in a large group class. But with online classes, instructors often have smaller, exclusive groups or even one-on-one private sessions, allowing them to focus more on each student’s needs.

Whether it’s correcting your alignments in asanas, offering modifications based on your level, or simply providing encouragement and support you require, online yoga instructors have the opportunity to give you the special attention you deserve.

Personalized Experience

Another compelling reason to start your online yoga journey is the personalised experience it offers. With a plethora of classes available, practitioners can tailor their practice based on their skill level, goals, and preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi seeking a challenging sequence or a beginner wanting gentle guidance, there’s an online class suited to your needs.

Privacy and comfort

If you’re a yoga practitioner who prefers a private setting for their practice, online yoga can be particularly appealing. You have a safe space to explore new things and deepen your practice without the self-consciousness that can come from being in a in person group setting.

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