Student's Experiences

I would like to start by saying that these sessions make me sooo happy and free. I was a person full of anxiety. I can safely use the word ‘was’ coz thankfully the year that passed by taught me so much and yoga with Sanjeevani was one of my recourses to feel better and lead a happy, healthy life again. While the world was in distress with covid, I was too and I saw this free 3-day trial yoga online. I participated and couldn’t help but register to her monthly online classes which have turned out to be such great fun. Not only does it help me become much more fit, healthy and strong with the "10 seconds" plank to headstands (yay), but also helps me with my anxiety issues with deep breathing and meditation. All in all, I am immensely grateful and I would invite everyone to try it once. Coz the things we spend on may give us happiness temporarily, but self investment is permanent.
Nidhi G